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The Majestic Arctic: photos by Brooks de Wetter-Smith 

“I really enjoyed the conference and thought it was the best organized and run event that I have been to yet.  I’m hoping you will give me the opportunity to come back again!”
-Commander Tony Miller, Deputy Director of Task Force Climate Change, US Navy

“The conference was absolutely wonderful; I learned so much about the Arctic!  Seeing all of those impressive presenters at our school made me very proud to be a UNC student.”
Amanda Brickell Bellows, graduate student in the history doctoral program at UNC-Chapel Hill

“an incredibly valuable professional and academic experience”
Max Seunik, UNC Morehead-Cain Scholar

“I’ve gained so much from this experience. I’m a little depressed that it’s all over now.”
Apurva Dave, Postdoctoral Researcher Earth and Ocean Sciences at Duke University

“I loved it! A critically important topic affecting so many different areas, including health.”
Rocio Quinonez, clinical associate professor in the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Dentistry’s Department of Pediatric Dentistry

The March 28, 2012 Who “Owns” The Arctic?: An International and Interdisciplinary Conference brought together more than one hundred policymakers, academics, students, and environmentalists to explore diverse issues related to Arctic resource and energy management from Russian, Canadian, Indigenous, American, and other perspectives.

The prestigious Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars in Washington, D.C. will help disseminate conference presentations, assuring that the conference materials reach a broad and influential audience.  Importantly, conference resources will be utilized by North Carolina educators seeking to internationalize their curricula.


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